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Sunflower Oil

In normal practice, when on the ingredients label of a product we read vegetable fat, and the origin is not specified, it is probably coconut or palm oil. While, if it indicates that it contains sunflower oil, as it happens in most of Inpanasa-products, we are choosing a product which is nutritionally very beneficial.


Fresh pasteurized milk

provides nutrients with a high biological value: such as calcium, vitamins A, D, B12, and other minerals such as phosphorus, as well as having a better taste than milk powder. However, in the powdered milk, the quality and quantity of nutrients is variable and depends on the quality of the original milk. Inpanasa prepares recipes with fresh pasteurized milk and not powdered, although it has higher costs of production. Our philosophy is to give the highest quality to our products with natural ingredients.


Pine nuts

Unlike other nuts, pine nuts are simply gathered from the forest so, as there is no cultivation, they are free of any chemical treatments.


Chocolate and cocoa derivatives

Chocolate with a higher proportion of cocoa has a lower amount of sugar, so it is slightly less calorific than that with less cocoa. Chocolate is noted for its antioxidant properties which protect the body. It is very beneficial for cardiovascular health and disease prevention, but that is not all! It is a generator of serotonin production, also known as the "hormone of well-being" with antidepressant and calming effects that give a sense of pleasure.