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Inpanasa, since 1976

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Inpanasa (Industrial pastelera San Narciso, SA) was born in Girona in 1976 with a small oven, belonging to the Montes Lara family, and a very clear idea: to make products of the highest quality using natural ingredients and selected suppliers. At the end of the seventies, the distribution covered virtually the entire country.



The "bizcocho" (sponge cake) is created, unique in the market and the company's flagship product. Due to great demand from consumers, the company was forced to expand its production lines.



Award for commercial and service prestige.



Inpanasa continuously innovates its product portfolio based on the tastes of consumers and traditional recipes, being a pioneer in the creation of products such as the pine nut madeleines.



Award for service and product quality.



Inpanasa takes the decision to distribute its products beyond the country’s borders, which involves a new extension to the company’s production line.



The artisan ‘coca’ cakes are born with two varieties: cream ‘coca’, and the ‘coca de crema’  with pine nuts and candied fruit.



The Montes Lara brand is introduced. 



The company starts a process of modernization of its facilities and machinery to ensure a production on a large scale, continuing its artisanal manufacturing processes.



Two new products are created: Madeleines with yogurt and Chispitas, with chocolate chips, which are met with great success by the national and international markets.



The Tarten line (cakes) is released on the market, creating a new family of products.



Automation of production lines, with improvements in the product resting and the packaging lines. Muffins were created, a product which met with a great reception in the international market and which is gradually introduced into the national market.



IFS and BRC quality certificates obtained.



Redesign of its packaging images.



Conversion of two of the three production lines that the company has, to individually wrap the range of madeleines and bizcochos (sponge cakes).



Launch of the Brownie, and the Montes Lara brand enters the industrial bakery sector with the savoury range in various types.



Double chocolate mini-muffins with chocolate chips are put on the market.