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Inpanasa, our commitment

Good practice

At Inpanasa we develop responsible practices towards the environment and the minimization of waste generated. All our products are packaged with 100% recyclable plastic and it is indicated as such on the packaging. We are a member of Ecoembalajes España SA, with number 01253. The aim is to contribute to the conservation of the environment, incorporating environmental criteria and standards into all stages and processes.


We contribute to sport, collaborating in various sporting activities. Sport fosters positive values, such as: effort, perseverance, excitement and team work, necessary in any vital project.


Equally, Inpanasa recommends following a varied and balanced diet appropriate for one’s age, sex and level of physical activity. Many diseases are directly related to sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition. Our company aims to offer our customers a wide range of products based on the quality of the product and its ingredients, giving special importance to the origin and quality of the same.